Upgrading to digital from analog for the best HD recording.

Traditional 'analog' camera systems were popular in most buildings up until about 2006, whereas the IP camera started to take popularity. 

In the digital age of IP Cameras, one run of cable could host several cameras, allowing a large network of cameras to have much less cabling requirements.

With the introduction of H.264, and H.265 technologies, image sizes were dramatically increased. This not only gave us the HD picture we are familiar with today, but it also allowed us the resolution to cover with one camera what may have required several analog cameras in the past.

Today's cameras are available with fixed lens basic 'economy' HD cameras, to fully featured AI commercial grade cameras with auto focus, WDR to see dark objects in a bright background, and Motorized zoom lenses.

Features on the commercial grade cameras include AI  separating people and cars, intrusion and line crossing alerts, tracking, enhanced night vision, full color night vision, onboard storage, and email alerts and advanced analytics.

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