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Posted by webadmin on September 25, 2020

Protection for your business and family using DNS

What exactly is DNS?

A DNS (Domain Name Server) points your simple name (.com) to the address(IP) they are hosted at. Simply saying the WWW is composed of numeric (IP) addresses, each computer, device, router, server on the internet must have an address to communicate online.

Names are easier to remember than numbers. DNS allows us to use (and remember) a simple name ie:, so as we don't need to remember the IP address

The DNS server provides the map to all the .com and other .ca .biz etc. names in the world, and redirects you to the proper IP address in which it is located.

Your Internet service provider automatically assigns a DNS to your Modem/Router so you might want other options.


Why change the DNS?

There are a few reasons you might consider changing your DNS server settings in either your router, or your computer.

1. Speed - If you find you do a search or click a link and it takes a long time, even times out, it could be your DNS server response times.

Find the fastest DNS? You can visit and download a tiny app that will measure this for you, and help you find the fastest DNS servers.

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2. Security and Protection - If you have a family with children, we all want to protect our kids. There are DNS servers available to use that are family friendly. This simply means the DNS servers will block any access to sites you consider to be inappropriate, gambling, porn, phishing sites, violence, known malware sites and more.

Other uses are for businesses that want to protect their networks from malicious sites, or to keep visitors from using websites deemed not appropriate.


Where do i change DNS? - To protect the entire home, you will need to enter these dns addresses in your main router that is connected to the internet. If you want family protection and still want to bypass some restrictions, you can change the DNS settings to others from within your network connection properties within your PC.

Because you can change DNS at the device , it can be bypassed, you may require a modem that has the advanced capabilities of locking down the DNS settings so it cannot be bypassed.

There are several instructions on how to change your DNS online, or if you wish, give us a call or shoot us an email and we will be happy to remotely assist you set up your DNS servers the way you like.


The DNS servers I have listed provide a variety of protections to best suit your needs. They are not listed in order, they all have their own benefits. Click on each DNS provider to go to their site for more information. Then choose the DNS that is right for you.


Unfiltered Public DNS Servers

Threat Protection

Phishing, Malware, Ransomware  etc.

Family Secure Protection

Threats + Porn, Violence, Gambling, Hate, etc

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