BG Logix, a security company like no other

My name is Brent Glaser, and I am the owner of BG Logix. Since I was a kid, I was always fascinated with technology. Troubleshooting has always been the strong point of my skill set.

Whether it was building the old homemade radio, or programming a game on my first computer, a Commodore Vic 20, anything with electronics was very interesting to me. Throughout the years, I worked in the electrical industry supplying various electrical and electronics through a couple of wholesale companies. For a couple of years afterwards, I provided outside sales for two security companies.

In 2000, after online training and hands on practice with hundreds of hours self training I decided to venture out on my own. First, starting a website and IT company, the primary focus was on sales and service of computers, as well as website design and hosting. Between 2000 and 2010, I worked as an independent PC designer, building office computers and video DVR's for the security industry, for surveillance systems that offered excellent warranties. I contracted to several security companies over the years, and learned the skills hands-on of alarms, access control, and camera systems.

In 2006 I ventured into helping design and build a local wireless internet company. During this time I became skilled over 5 years on implementing, designing, and securing a robust high speed wireless infrastructure, and at the time my departure in 2011 , had successfully managed a custom designed network of over 200 businesses and residences.

BG Logix was founded in 2012 , in Grande Prairie, and using my expertise in the fields of Computer, Networking, and Security. I decided it was best to offer these skills under the new company, focusing more on the security of both networks and businesses, alike.

Cameras and Alarms are becoming more connected to the internet than ever. Cameras are actually computers within themselves now. This was a perfect fit for an IT technician.

We currently have several clients both residential, schools and businesses, and I look forward to growing with each and every one of them, while offering a technical knowledge that is unique in the industry.

Give me a call, I am happy to hear from you, and look forward to helping you out!