Security and Protection for home and business.

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Peace of mind for your home and business

We help make your home and business safe, by offering security and IT solutions with protection foremost in mind. We help protect access to your home or business in a physical nature, but also help to protect you from internet intruders. With over 15 years experience, we are working hard at the foremost of technologies to help you stay secure in an insecure world.

Protect your investment

We offer installation and setup of intrusion alarms, building access control systems, and HD Video Management Systems for surveillance that can all be accessed from your mobile devices, or from one central command station. Install each separately , or all together over multiple locations for complete defense synergy.

Secure your network

BG Logix has several packages to extend your network, both hard wired, and wireless. Link several buildings together with our secure outdoor wireless deployment. We also provide expertise in setting up network security to keep the bad guys out.

Keep your internet connected devices safe

It's not just the building and network that needs to be secured. A majority of hacks and viruses begin with the PC , Laptop, or Mobile Device from within. BG Logix has experience to maintain and protect your computer equipment from such intrusions. We provide remote, and on-site support to help not only protect your computers from attack, we also have the expertise to make the equipment run more efficiently , so you can get your work done.

Security for your home and business has never been so important!.

Recent Projects

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